21 on 21

This is the blog I wrote during my 21st birthday on my previous blog site using my pen name WolfAshford (wolfashford.wordpress.com). Now I’m posting it again.


As much as I want to make the first day of my adulthood perfect, it wasn’t. After a week-long preparation for a final exam last Tuesday, I failed and it’s terrible. Then I have to submit 4 types of paper works which are due today. Then our prof just announced yesterday that the removal exam will be today as well. Then surprise! Now happening: cough and colds. Happy Birthday to me! But since I’m up all night and it’s 3 AM and apparently celebrating my 21st year on earth, here are the 21 thoughts in my mind right now:

  1. Growing age is over. Well played Sir Raymand. *cries hard in the corner
  1. Coffee is a gift from Heaven. It satisfies you, makes you happy, helps you to hold on whenever Greek God Hypno motivates you to sleep, makes your heart pump like you’re in love but at the same time, coffee reminds you that taking anything too much may hurt you.
  1. Family is everything. The more you age, the more you realize how important they are. I often asked myself if I’ve been the ‘Kuya’ my siblings need or they wanted to be. I realized that it will not be anymore the same nights of 2010 where we go home as kids eating dinner together, having those staring contest with Junjun over the piles of unwashed dishes, or trying to fit myself on the eighth part of the bed when Tantan kicks everything out on his sleep, or just cry together with our baby Raizza because I can’t make her stop crying (Geez…I’m so lame). We grow. We become adults. We start chasing our own dreams and lives. We can’t stop that. Love them so hard while you can.
  1. I still love anime. No matter how hard I tried to act cool like an adult, I still want to travel around the world and find the seven dragon balls or become a Fairy Tail wizard or be the 11th member of the Straw Hats Pirates (they might need a chemist you know lol). You can’t just ignore something that makes you happy.
  1. I’m 21 now, but still, I never been in love or romantically attracted to anyone. All genders to be politically correct. A lot of my friends are married now or at least in a relationship. Worst, I can feel that little Raymand inside me is already freaking out and running around trying to find that hormonal gland responsible and squeeze it to function the h*** out.
  1. God gives you ten folds (I mean, a lot of folds, man) of blessings when you know patience and when you least expect it.
  1. Work your ass off. We want to be something or attain certain things but some really do nothing. Instead, some people love complaining about everything. I remembered a passage one time that says life gives us an opportunity to improve ourselves, and while the lazy complain, the others are creating opportunities with their kind hearts, generosity, and willingness to get the work done. So that’s it. Work more. Complain less.
  1. ‘I will sleep early tonight’ is a scam. I tried sleeping by 8 PM then I just rolled over my bed until 2 AM. Seriously universe? I was expecting a different kind of early.
  1. Hard work is not always directly proportional to good results. Pulling an overnight for an exam doesn’t mean that you’re going to pass. Sometimes your best results to nothing at all. But you just lose when you quit. So give your best shot anyway.
  1. Being happy is a choice. You smile or you frown. Choose.
  1. Procrastination sucks. I’m having a hard time with this annoying spirit since then. I did a lot of stuff last year but I felt that I have wasted 1/3rd of my year procrastinating.
  1. During hard situations, 50 percent of it is the problem and the other half is on how you see and deal with it. It’s either sulk, be depressed and quit after failing a final exam or stand up and work your ass off for the removal exam.
  1. Change for yourself and ‘never’ for anyone else. If you want to have piercing, for instance, go for it. People might say it looks on you and then say it’s ugly the next days. That’s how people are. Stop roaming around trying to please everyone. You’re not pizza. You know you’re matured enough when you do things because they satisfy yourself regardless of other’s opinions.
  1. Praying and meditating are two of the best habits humans have ever invented. It helped me during my worst situations. Trust me, it’s better than sharing that golden banana to pass all your exams circling around Facebook.
  1. I observed that there are two hindrances towards achieving your goals: Lack of motivation and fear of failure. We can really do lots of things. Be brave and take risks. No pain. No gain.
  1. Study smart not Study hard.
  1. Self-management not Time management.
  1. All humans are angels. All humans are evil. Just different levels. Just different controls. Maybe what will manifest at the end will be our role in the afterlife.
  1. HOW I WISH I CAN EUT ALL THE TIME. Must be fun to do that always. But I’m a guy who loves to have good reasons before doing such wonderful stuff and tasting such pleasure. Eat, Unwind, Travel with someone you cherish.
  1. Treasure friendships. It’s not about the number of friends you have or the amount of time you’ve spent with them or the distance between them. It’s about the realness of your feelings and care. Adults deal everyday with their own tiny worlds. You will know a real friend if you meet, laugh and talk with each other comfortably even after meeting a long time ago.
  1. Respect begets respect. Age, level of education, or social status doesn’t give you a license to shame people nor automatically earn you merits to be respected. It’s always about your action – the way you treat other people with kindness and on how you uphold yourself (as in self-respect).

I become calm after writing this. Never thought that 3 AM thoughts actually work. Never give up on the things that makes you happy and always be kind as well. As one of my favorite Anime character said, “Not giving up is my magic!”. Thanks for making time. Peace!

UPDATE: I passed the exam! *insert dab pose


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