Important ChE Handbook Tabs – DAY 2 BOARDS

Tabbing Guide for Perry’s Chemical Engineer’s Handbook 8th Edition by Don W. Green and Robert H. Perry

[Arranged in Alphabetical Order]

Topic/Keyword/Formula/TablePage Number
Adiabatic Calculations in Pumps10-44 to 10-45
Antoine-Vapor Pressure Constants13-14
Binary Mixtures of Non-electrolytes in Water5-55
Bubble Point and Dew Point13-15
Centrifugal Pump10-32
Clapeyron, Antoine and Wagner Equation4-13
Correlation of Diffusivities of Dilute5-54
Correlatives of Diffusivities for Gases5-51
Critical constants of Inorganic and Organic compounds2-139
Density, viscosity of H2O and Air in terms of T10-6
Dimensions of Valves10-94
Enthalpies, Entropies, Gibbs Free Energy of Compounds2-195
Ergun Equation15-101
Ergun Equation15-101
Flow measurement guidelines10-16
Fourier’s Law/ Heat Transfer5-3
Frictional Losses6-18
Heat Capacities of Organic and Inorganic Liquid2-165
Heat Capacity Formula2-489
Heat transfer EquipmentSection 11
Impellers (Reynold’s and Power Number)6-35
Inclined U-tubes10-9
Isentropic Flow of Fluid10-12
Latent Enthalpy2-486
Mach Number Definition10-12
Mass Transfer correlations5-63 to 5-80
Mechanical Energy Balance (fully developed incompressible flow)6-9
Membrane Separation22-40 to 22-60
Molar Density and Viscosity relationship (G and L)5-55
Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH)10-27
Over all Heat transfer Coefficient and LMTD11-5
Physical Properties of Pure Substances2-7
Pitot tube velocity10-11
Properties of Steel Pipes10-79
Pump coverage chart10-27
Pump Heads definition10-25 to 10-27
Pump selection/ range of operation10-27
Pumps and Compressors10-25
Reynolds Number Definition, pressures, viscosity10-6 to 10-7
Solubilities of Inorganic Compounds in Water2-126
Static Head Definition and Formula10-15
Theory of Compression10-42
Thermal Conductivities- Insulating Materials2-459
Thermodynamic Properties of Water2-413
Types of Membrane Separation22-40 to 22-60
Valves Definition10-93 to 10-98
Velocity vs. NRe in smooth pipes10-13
Volume of partially filled horizontal cylinders [TABLE OF ESTIMATES]10-145
Volume of partially filled horizontal tank10-144
Wall thickness straight metal pipe10-112

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