On the Helm of Faith

The long-time search of humanity for the infallible truth comes along with the undying issue about the existence of the creator of all things. Atheists argue that believers are just taking personal comfort in the guise of one true God and believers refute this by saying that atheists, on the other hand, are just taking personal comfort in the guise of being rational. I believe in the existence of God and my viewpoint in this belief is rooted from the mixture of my own search for truth, my purpose of living and my faith.

One point of interest during religious arguments is the bible. Its story of a virgin mother bearing a child, snake talking to men and a human God walking through waters make some people doubt its accuracy and history. While one may think its flawed, my truth tells me that it is the word of God and its perfect. Humans are imperfect and hence the fault comes not in the words that the bible is saying but in our own interpretations and translations. When we take the bible literally, we will just be drowned by thousands of doubts rather than meditating for its deeper meanings.

As a child, I am always curious as to why the bible is in verses. My journey in finding reality struck me in few verses where a disciple was asking Jesus as to why he is speaking with them in parables. He answered, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.” (Matthew 13:10-11). Jesus is trying to say that only those who interpret them metaphorically and spiritually will understand while those who are taking it literally will become confused.

Some may say that believing in God is an enemy of science and a hindrance to progress and knowledge. That is not true. Science doesn’t denounce His existence but is allowing us to see the beauty and complexity of His creations. The principles of God do not delimit the boundary of our imagination and creativity but rather give us red alerts whenever we exhaust our freedom. After all, science is governed by set of standards and laws to maintain the equilibrium of nature and so is God.

People do not believe in something unless they can see or touch it. That is why faith is so powerful because it fuels you to hold into your beliefs in spite of doubts and temptations. It is not a sin to seek comfort from God. Not all people are created with equal amount of confidence and as one of them, God helped me cross high cliffs through thin ropes. Aside from the love that I am receiving from my family and friends, believing in Him completes me from that emptiness that I always feel.

There is a silver line between being religious and solely believing in God and the exaggerations of faith like rituals, superstitions and the belief in saints are the spoilers of faith. Sometimes too much devotion and the mixing of unnecessary shades to our faith mislead us to the true purpose of believing in Him. Moreover, instead of uniting and praying to one God we are being divided by the extra rules set by humans and not by God. So questioning His existence through the misinterpretations of his believers is technically invalid. Religions should be addressed not God.

Our purpose of living is directly proportional to our search for happiness and satisfaction. More than just abiding and conforming the faith influenced by my parents, I believe in God simply because I want to and in that belief I am satisfied. I have never been a religious and my faith is purely spiritual in nature. It is like love or dreaming for your dream job. I linger my feelings in the thought of having a creator who loves me because it is where I find complete happiness.

As long as humans’ thirst for knowledge do not end, doubts and questions will never die too. Sometimes it is hard for us to grip into our faith especially when it challenges our personal temptations but the choice remains to people. We should just respect each other and do not proselytize people into your own set of truth. After all, we are responsible of steering the helm of our faith.


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