10 Powerful Tips to Fight Procrastination


There are times where your mind tells you to work on your Calculus problem set yet your body won’t move and will somehow force you to do the job later and the worst, the night before the deadline.

Procrastination has been my great enemy especially now in my university years. This has been also a problem of many college students for ages which greatly affects our academe’s performance.

One day, I fully decided to provide a strong willpower and told myself that further continuation of this won’t do anything good for me. I started to make my own steps to remove or nevertheless lessen my procrastination habits.

I listed down 10 of the great steps that I personally do to counterattack this black habit. Now, I am still doing these and it provide a great impact on my productivity level as well as my lifestyle.

Procrastination 3.jpg
  1. Wake-up Early

Based on my personal experience, the time of getting up on bed has a great impact on my productivity. Waking up late such as past 8 am affects my mood and makes me lazier to do a task. Not to mention the time which are wasted if I wake up earlier. Environmental factors such as temperature (the hotness during these time) and the noise of the surrounding (since the time beyond 8 am are working hours) destroys my mood and steals my motivation, thus urging me to procrastinate.

However, waking up as early as 4 or 5 am in the morning shows positive outcome on my mood. Catching up the morning breeze (especially when you are quite near from a sea) makes me livelier. Also, the cool to warm temperature experience helps me think clearly.

Sitting comfortably in a chair while having a cup of coffee, with a country music early in the morning is probably the best way to start your day.

Procrastination 4
  1. Meditation

It may probably sound silly, especially for most students. It would be a bit awkward when your Mom enter your room and you’re doing a Buddha pose while reciting “omni..omni..omni..”. But regardless of the weirdness this may sound, I found meditation a very effective method to beat procrastination. Meditation helped me think clearly, organize my thoughts, solve problems efficiently and recognize my personal behavior.

There are lots of method to meditate that you can browse all over the web. Well, that’s what I did at first and after that I choose the practice which I am most comfortable. I can show you that.

How I meditate:

  1. Find a place you are comfortable with(maybe your room or on your garden).
  2. Sit properly, you can do Indian sit or simply sit on a chair. The thing is you must make sure that your spine is straight because it helps you think more clearly.
  3. Close your eyes and relax.To start with, I pay attention to my breathing first to have my first point of focus and always remember to relax and breathe normally. Don’t pay too much attention on how long you will inhale or exhale, it will just pressure you.
  4. Recite a chant. You will notice that there are a lot of thoughts that are bumping to one another as you meditate, for instance, the deadlines for your project, your to-do list, the last fight of Doflamingo and Luffy and etc. Don’t try to stop those thoughts for it’s just normal, try to recite some chants such as “amaram hum madhuram hum” meaning “I am immortal, I am blissful”. This will help you to have a main focus, just treat your other thoughts as a passerby and simply notice how this thoughts rise and fall. Whenever you’re being carried away by the thoughts, just relax and start again with the chant. Remember to relax.
  5. Do this for several minutes at first and eventually make it a habit. There is no specific time limit to do this and you can do this in whatever time of the day. I start meditating for 15 minute first and now I am doing this for an hour or 2. After you feel like stopping, open your eyes slowly and feel the tranquility.

Disclaimer: I can’t ensure you that my practice is perfect. You can try a lot of method on proper meditations in the web. I recommend you to try ZenHabits.com

Procrastination 5.jpg
  1. Discover your Flaws

I often hear in several dramas that if you want to defeat an enemy, you should know its weaknesses. Although I am not into dramas, I learned to carefully examine the reasons behind my own procrastination.

After you discover the causes of your laziness to do a job, try to formulate a counterattack for that. If you can’t remove it at once (like how adults can’t stop smoking at once), start by gradually decreasing the cause and later on you will be amazed yourself on how you have changed.

For instance, I’ve been crazy for Clash of Clans (popular online game in PH) for several months until I’ve realized that my time is wasted so I gradually decrease my time of playing by an hour every week. It is difficult to resist to temptations at first, but after few months I don’t have any more interest with the game.

Procrastination 6.jpg
  1. Have a Journal

I am very much grateful to what my journal imparted me to survive in my college life. Making a journal will make you in track to what is happening in your life and also perfect for reminding you what to do next.

I am keeping a private journal since I was in second year. Whenever I write to-do lists such as “Things to submit on Tuesday” or “Mission Impossible 75: Solution sets for Sir Shrek and Ma’am Fiona”, I am somehow urged to do the tasks listed on my list and the more I check more boxes the more I am motivated and thus making me much productive than before.

I also put some motivational quotes, pictures of my adventures such as my first wall climbing experience, and some of my write-ups to motivate me more.

Procrastination 7.jpeg
  1. Limit your Time on Social Media

As I claim to be a part of this technological era, I’ve been fascinated to many social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Social media helped me connect with my classmates for our group tasks even if we’re kilometers apart. It can also be used for entertainment and gaming. This might not be harmful but can greatly affect your productivity level if abused.

I am not suggesting you to refrain from subscribing on such sites because somehow it will just eager yourself to do so. I suggest that you budget your time allotted in social media, maybe an hour is enough if you have no important things to do.

Procrastination 8.jpg
  1. Mingle with Motivated People

To have a stronger foundation in your improved way of living, it is a best idea to find friends or company who have a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Even if I am doing my best to beat procrastination, there are times that my willpower declines. Regarding this case, I’ve decided to join several organizations where people have really fascinating personalities. To give you a concrete example, a year ago I’ve started to join our university’s student publication, it was a bit awkward at first but later on I was amazed on how my editors and co-staffers cope up with their academic subject while we are having a lot of press works for the whole campus. Aside from that, they are also achievers in their respective courses, with that, I am more inspired to work hard so that I can cope up with their level. You know that it’s a shame to procrastinate if all the people around you are working hard right?

Procrastination 9.jpeg
  1. Be Happy on Minor Achievements

As the quote in the picture said, be happy on little things in life for someday you will realize they were the big things. Sometimes, we just disregard some small matters because we are busy trying to attain bigger achievements. When we fail to accomplish what we are trying to, we start to keep our hopes down and thus urging us to be lazy. We feel useless and tadah! everything is just shattered.

I prefer to lower my standards on some stuffs. If I cannot get a 10 out of a 10 item quiz, the next time around, I will lower my standard to 8 or 9 but still maintain my study habit. The next time I took a quiz, I got 9 and it made me happier than the last time I got 9 in similar subject. In my surprise, the third time I took another quiz I got it perfect. Somehow it is quite true that blessings do come when you least expect it.

Procrastination 10.jpg
  1. Read Inspiring Stories/ Watch Inspiring Movies

Novels, short stories and movies are good source of motivation. They can make you realize matters which you cannot discover yourself. Whenever I am reading a good book or watching a high quality movie, it makes me realize that I should not be wasting my time doing nothing. Aside from the inspiration that you can get on the story itself, you will also be amazed on how some people uses their time producing these arts. Realizing that there are lots of people out there using there time efficiently will tell your subconscious to use the limited amount of time given to you.

I am also planning to write soon some of the best books I have read and movies I have watched that will boost your motivation.

Procrastination 11.jpg
  1. Visualize your Dreams

Day dreaming can also be a funny thought to do but it has a great effect on me whenever I try to do tasks, especially those hard ones. Like now, this is my second hub written on Hubpages (my first was unpublished due to some reasons) and I keep on visualizing myself someday having a lot of featured hubs and accolades in this site and even imagining to administer my own website. It may sound silly but it helps me a lot to write more articles even if its kind of time consuming and mind stretching (as of now this step no. 9 is about 1700 words already).

It’s not wrong dreaming to become a boss as long as you are working for it.

Procrastination 12.jpg
  1. Thinks Positive

Finally, remember that a negative mind will never give you a positive life. Negativity can also be linked to procrastination due to motivation deficiency. If you want to really beat procrastination then think positive!


As you can observed, most of the tips are for boosting your motivation. Having ample amount of motivation helped me to have a productive life and therefore fight procrastination. Currently, these 10 tips continue to provide a significant effect in my life. I hope I helped you a bit and thank you for sharing your time reading this. Have a great day and start making a productive life.


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