Love, Narcissus

Sunrise at Philippine Military Academy, Baguio City

Sometimes, we tend to create a pretentious image of ourselves based on our love one’s desire and call ourselves selfless. Now, you think that the person truly loves you. What a concept. The person just loves the fiction you made and you just love the idea that the person ‘loves’ you. You, poor little heart who deserves the best. Know your self-worth. Love yourself.

Self-love is a pre-requisite of loving others. You must understand, must be true and must be confident about yourself first before others love you. No one will spend his entire life leaving in a home with weak foundations. They will leave if they are not sure where they are in, and you are the home. It all starts within you. When you start taking care of yourself, you feel great and you look great and the best thing about that is you attract better people.

It is our defense mechanism to protect ourselves from being hurt and while it is associated with self-doubt, our tendency is to conform to, what we think, others’ want. We say “me too” when the person likes mayonnaise where in fact, it’s sourness makes you want to puke. We thought that having similarities are the key and it’s not entirely true. Love is all about acceptance. And how can you expect anyone to accept you if you don’t accept yourself first.

Let go of the self-limiting beliefs and be confident. Because everything you think, you are capable. Love yourself. The idea that delimits your self-worth are lies you’ve been told to keep you from being afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. Mind you, if you start ‘loving you’, every concept of you and the person you love will become a reality. Because you know what to offer. Because you know your worth. Maybe a little bit narcissism has its own perks after all.

This article was originally published on the 2019 Valentines issue of the The Industrial Wheel.

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