Small things MATTER!

In our lives where everything seems wrong, keep pushing.

       In our lives where everything seems wrong something finally felt right. Well, my latest exam awfully sounded that way and I’m one of the lesser happy people in the world right now. But when all seems dull and gray and we are in the verge of giving up, remember that there is always a white dot – you are still alive. You can still fight.

I got the idea when I did some laundry on my black shirt and accidentally dropped chlorine on it. Two shocking things immediately flashed in my mind. First, my Mom will scold me and my wallet won’t be happy about it. Secondly, the black shirt may be our present problematic lives full of failed exams, heartaches and rejections and the chlorine may be our hope that we are still living itself. A catalyst that, while tiny, has a chance of spreading with enough concentration within our minds and a positive reaction of our hearts to form the right solution to our current situation.

Maybe we can start small. A single own-solved word problem a day for your dream score next time. A minute exercise a day for that body goals. A moment to be thankful for the friends you share your jokes with. Remember the pinch of joy after you accomplish that little thing. Gradually increase it and feed on that motivation. Remember there are 360 days in a year and foresee what will it be like to be happy in a full year turn.

Meanwhile, our subconscious tends to immediately associate hard work to pain and hassle which leave our plans as uncolored drawings. Sometimes we want something or attain certain things but some really do nothing. Instead, some people love complaining about everything. Our life is a gift and it gives us an opportunity to improve ourselves, and while the lazy complain, others are creating opportunities with their kind hearts, generosity and willingness to get the work done.

Our lives may be different shades of gray – concern on health issues, broken hearts, financial problems and rejections – making our lives dull and unhappy. But always remember the white dot because it matters and can heal you and while we are all doing that, I must also do a better explaining to my Mom because my allowance also matters.

Thank you for reading. Smile!


  1. Thank you for an amazing read. My life has been looking a bit bleak lately and this sort of help. I guess, the best thing about lows is that it presents an opportunity for a high. Again, an amazing article 🙂

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