Equipment and Plant Design Study Notes with Tab Guide


  1. It is the ability to resist deformation or deflection.
  2. Which of the following spot-examined type has the lowest joint efficiency factor?
  3. It is the recommended cost index for cost estimation of chemical plants.
  4. The cost of handling of materials is considered under the _.
  5. How much is the estimated working capital if the total investment is 2.5M?
    ANSWER: 625,000
  6. Estimate the year 1992 cost of an equipment if its 500-L equivalent costs Php3.5 M.
    ANSWER: 568.8K
  7. Estimate the cost of 2000-L equipment if its 500-L equivalent costs Php 3.5M
  8. Calculate the wall thickness of a cylindrical pressure vessel with a radius of 30 inches and internal operating pressure of 200 psig. The allowable stress of the material is 10,000 psi and the joint efficiency is 0.85.
    ANSWER: 1.0 INCH
  9. Calculate the head thickness of the pressure vessel in #8 for a 2:1 ellipsoidal head.
    ANSWER: 0.85 INCH
  10. Calculate the wall thickness of the pressure vessel in #8 if it was spherical instead.
    ANSWER: 0.56 INCH
  11. Calculate the tank diameter of a CSTR which has a liquid volume of 300 m3?
    ANSWER: 7.26 M
  12. Calculate the impeller diameter of the CSTR given in #11?
    ANSWER: 2.42
  13. What is the impeller Reynolds number of a mixing tank (Di= 1.75-m) containing hydrogen peroxide with an agitation speed of 20 rpm? (µ=1.245 cP)
    ANSWER: 1.18 X 106
  14. What is the power number for the given mixing tank condition in #13?
    ANSWER: 5 (Use the curve in Perry’s HB pp. 6-35, but commonly if the Reynolds Number is already in millions as in 106, automatic power number is 5)
  15. How much is the power requirement for the mixing tank in #13?
    ANSWER: 4364.66 Watts of 4.37 kW

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  1. The questions#11 to 15 in plant designs are topics extracted fr transport processes and unit operations by geankoplis or fr plant design by timmerhaus?..


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