That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime – [Episode 1 Impressions]

The Episode 1 Impressions series is an overview of the anime I’ve watched so far to give an idea to anime lovers like me whether to watch the anime or not. Note, this is just an OPINION based on my personal perspective of this anime. Thoughts in bullet form!

Is this worth watching?

  • 23 Episodes plus 5 OVAS
  • Isekai, adventure, fantasy, comedy
  • At first, I don’t really like the idea that I will be watching a slime as the main character. I felt like I will be watching an anime intended for small kids or something like that. But nahh! I was wrong.
  • The character build up is just so cool. He is also an overpowered character with sense of justice and a lot of cool skills.
  • A little sneak peak to the next episodes, he will be going to build a nation and will meet cool characters as well which will make the anime more amazing.
  • Well, he reincarnated as a slime, so he is an androgynous or gender less character.
  • If you are into magic, skills, level up type kid of anime and you love adventure, goblin, fairy, ogre and wolves, watch this.
  • This anime has its fare share of humor so it will not be boring.


Important Note: All photos in this post are not mine and are credited to the owner.

Have you watched this Anime? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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