Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle – [Episode 1 Impressions]

The Episode 1 Impressions series is an overview of the anime I’ve watched so far to give an idea to anime lovers like me whether to watch the anime or not. Note, this is just an OPINION based on my personal perspective of this anime. Thoughts in bullet form!

Is this worth watching?

  • The anime revolves around 2 kingdoms: The Kingdom of light and Kingdom of darkness.
  • The main plot of the story, which is to basically balance the power between these kingdoms, is pretty much stapled already in the 1st episode.
  • This anime has magic, fight scenes, adventure and ancient times touch on it.
  • Note: People are already dying in the 1st episode so watch out.
  • The male protagonist will go into adventure to be the next King of Darkness where he will meet the current queen of Light. So yeah, I can smell a touch of romance in this anime.
  • The characters’ visuals are great and they have very interesting roles as well. Although I felt a little bit of cringe with their roles. As if they are pushing the story to be serious at once.
  • The graphics are great. Well, this anime is a mobile game adaptation after all so it’s pretty obvious. Although in my opinion these kind of anime commonly struggles with their plot build up and twists as the episodes goes by.
  • One thing that is good about this anime is that it is easily available and FREE in YouTube under Muse Asia Channel.


Some scenes:

Important Note: All photos in this post are not mine and are credited to the owner . Photo Source : Muse Asia 2020

Have you watched this Anime? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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