Bungou to Alchemist – [Episode 1 Impressions]

The Episode 1 Impressions series is an overview of the anime I’ve watched so far to give an idea to anime lovers like me whether to watch the anime or not. Note, this is just an OPINION based on my personal perspective of this anime. Thoughts in bullet form!

Is this worth watching?

  • The story is about an author, Dazai, who magically entered into his published works, fight Taints along with some famous Japanese writers. Taints, antagonist, are creatures whose main goal is to destroy and rewrite all the good books in this world.
  • The story and twists kind of remind me of the movie Inception. Although, instead of a dream in a dream within a dream, it’s more like a book in a book within a book.
  • If you have watched Bongou no Stray Dogs, this Anime adaptation also came from the same writer.
  • The characters have the same names with Bongou no Stray Dogs but with different visuals (faces). This is a little bit off for me because I kind of love the characters of Bongou no Stray Dogs before, especially Dazai. But I think it is one of the author’s way of putting uniqueness or identity to his works.
  • The graphics are pretty cool. It’s 8/10 for me.
  • The characters are cool and have this swag vibes in them.
  • It also has it’s fair share of humor.
  • Must try if you are into adventure and fantasy genre.
  • Available in FUNIMATION website.


Some scenes:

Important Note: All photos in this post are not mine and are credited to the owner . Photo Source : Funimation, 2020

Have you watched this Anime? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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