Sunday Reflection


I woke up late, really late. I checked out my phone and it was 2:30 PM. As much as it shocked me, my phone was also bombarded with lot of messages and missed calls from Mama. The reason for this, I binge watched a whole season of Prison Break last night.

Well, I am living far from home, alone, and given this pandemic time there is no way my family won’t be extra worried. But I just woke up late, right? Simple. What is there to lose? Until I tried to think well for few:

  • I skipped breakfast and lunch which are essentially important.
  • I made my family worried which is unfair to them given that I just binge watched a series.
  • I haven’t done anything useful today at all.
  • I felt groggy ( I hate this).
  • Lastly, I will surely have difficulty sleeping on time tonight.

It was just a simple thing right? But there are actually more damage than what it seems. Like a simple dot of rust that will totally corrode the whole object unless you do something about it.

I took some vitamins to help me sleep (It has that effect on me). I ate well. I called my parents and apologized. I finished a small personal task at least. Also, I alarmed my phone to wake me up earlier tomorrow.

This Sunday reflection is about looking upon small things, being responsible, taking small actions and appreciation for the people around you. I think that’s the least that we could do especially this time.

Stay safe! Good night!

Photo by RV Gadores.



  1. Hey, dont worry – I believe everyone is lacking sleep nowadays. I too can’t fall asleep earlier than 3am! Great post! By the way please join my blog too, if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

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  2. wise insights, hope you can follow them thru!

    As a keen photography I would ask that you actually state whose pictures you have posted, please?

    Nice to meet you and seems like you’ve been blogging a while πŸ™‚

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  3. Haha, although I’m at home and can’t worry my parents since they see me throwing my weight around everywhere, I can agree with feeling groggy doing absolutely nothing and having all the time in the world to watch everything I can on Netflix or do pointless things around at home.

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  4. We need to be extra cautious now and check in with our family members periodically so as not to cause them too much stress. These are uncertain times and everyone is trying their best to cope up the best way they know.

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