Did Chao just saved us? [SHORT STORY]

“Hon! Is everything ready?” Mr. Smith shouted.

The couple is in a hurry for their 2:30 PM flight to the airport. This business meeting in Turkey is very important to them because the investment deal is suppose to double the expansion of their business. But when they are about to leave,

“Where is Chao?” Mrs. Smith asked.

The dog is missing.

“What? He’s just in the sofa watching the TV. We’re gonna be late Hon we should go now!”

“We can’t leave the dog Michael! No one will feed him.”

So they look for Chao at once but he was nowhere to be seen. It was already 2:45 PM when they saw Chao at their neighbor’s garden hiding near the bush. They missed the flight and Mr. Smith was furious that he almost slapped the dog if it wasn’t for Mrs. Smith stopping him.

“Stupid dog! We just missed a life changing deal because of that stupid dog!”

They had a dinner with a bad mood and just decided to turn on the TV.

“Breaking News! 100 passengers are still missing after a 2:30 PM flight for turkey crashed… details about the accident are yet to be confirmed…”

Cold sweat and an almost painful and sudden beat occurred to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. “Oh goodness, it was our flight.”

“Did Chao just save us?”

Sometimes, small unfortunate happenings save us from greater damages in life.

Photo and dog not mine 🙂 . Credits goes to the original owner.


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