Sunday Reflection #2

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Sunday, April 26, 2020 [ Enhanced Community Quarantine SEASON 3]

This is the third time that the quarantine days are extended after its supposed end this April 30. Apparently, the cases are still rising and the curve is yet to be flatten. I decided to stay away from Facebook for a while since most posts, comments and related stuff I read are either political arguments or rants. Goodness, where are the memes?

Now, more than ever, anxiety spreads as fast as NCOV-19. I think its healthy though to get involve in government issues as part of our duty as responsible citizens. However, I think shouting too much up to the extent of losing the value of our voice is not helpful anymore. Specially when people start to sprinkle it with Ad Hominem and sarcasm. You know, its like machines that whenever we try to overpower its capacity, it will start losing it efficiency.

We have, at least, to maintain calm in order to keep our rationality. That’s the point.

Anyway, I keep myself busy for a while now by browsing a lot of blog sites (which is surprisingly fun) as well as Netflix-ing and Youtube-ing. I am quite the ace now when it comes to social distancing since I am living alone and just trying to get fat.
Also, I’m quite surprised myself about how my friends, aside from my family, are constantly checking up on me. It flatters me. It’s making me feel blessed.

So here are my two cents to treasure this week:

  • Get involved. Try to pinpoint the wrong. Praise the good. Try our best to be part of the solution.
  • If things are getting heavy. Take a break. Mental health goes hand in hand with physical health.
  • Be grateful of all the people around us. Always try to connect. But never expect everyone to respond. The world does not revolve around a single person and testing people’s loyalties in this trying times is selfish.

Stay safe! Good night!


Sunday Reflections #1


    1. We are bombarded everyday with all these negativity in the world. The least we can do is to light some positivity in our own ways.
      You made the right decision to stay off for now. I hope you’re doing great. Thanks for connecting with me Alisbooks! πŸ™‚


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