General Engineering Random Problems #1

1. The sum of the first cost and the present worth of all costs for replacement, operation and maintenance for a long time or forever is known as

A. Perpetuity

B. Capitalized cost

C. Depletion cost

D. Uniform cost

2. A new boiler was installed at a cost of P 1.5M and projected to have zero salvage value at the end of its ten-year life. What is the capitalized cost if interest rate is 10% per year?

A. P2.44 M

B. P6.02 M

C. P3.42 M

D. P1.02 M

3. If the uniform series capital recovery factor is 0.2091 and the sinking fund factor is 0.1941. Find i.

A. 1 ½

B. 3%

C. 2%

D. 4 ½%

4. Cost that have been incurred at some past date is

A. Sunk costs

B. Fixed costs

C. Maintenance cost

D. Operation cost

5. The decrease in value of property due to gradual extraction of its contents.

A. Depreciation

B. Mining

C. Depletion

D. Valuation

6. If two random variables are independently distributed, what is their relationship?

A. They are not identically distributed.

B. They are uncorrelated.

C. They are mutually exclusive.

D. Either A or B is true.

7. What type of a regular polygon whose interior angle measures 108 degrees?

A. Heptagon

B. Pentagon

C. Octagon

D. Hexagon

8. For a given function, f(t)=f(-t). What type of symmetry does f(t) have?

A. Odd symmetry

B. Even symmetry

C. Rotational symmetry

D. Quarter-wave symmetry

9. Naperian logarithms have a base closest to which number?

A. 2.17

B. 2.72

C. 3.14

D. 10.0

10. The salary of an employee’s job has five levels, each one a 5% greater than the one below it. Due to circumstances, the salary of the employee must be reduced from the top (fifth level) to the second level, which results in a reduction of $122.00 per month. What is the employee’s present salary per month?

A. $440

B. $570

C. $680

D. $900

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are just practice problems I randomly collected solely for review purposes only. This should not be substituted to textbooks. Please read and study your textbooks well.

Answers are found in the next page

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