Saturday Chill – 5 Netflix binge-worthy shows

I’ve already mentioned a lot that most of my time nowadays are spent binge-ing Netflix. So I think I might as well share some of the shows I’ve watched.

I’m quite proud of these selection because it made my isolation time a little less boring.

Here we go:

Prison Break

  • The story is about Michael Scolfield, a genius structural engineer, who decided to let himself be imprisoned to help his elder brother get out of the prison. He believed that his brother was framed and he is trying to make a drastic decision before his brother gets executed.
  • What I love in this series is that the methods used by Michael are possible (or at least almost possible) to happen in real life. We are used to those kind of brainy movie which seems to portrait almost fictional techniques of solving things. Well, in this series, they did their best to make it realistic as much as possible. No wonder it has made its way to Season 5.


  • Eight different persons from around the globe are connected mentally and emotionally as one. They are somehow evolved human beings who tried to understand themselves and at the same time fight a foe who is trying to use them for his own evil intentions.
  • I think this series is one of the most underrated shows in Netflix. The concept of the story is unique. On top of that, there is no doubt the production was expensive given that they traveled to eight different parts of the globe. The diversity of the casts are simply amazing as well as each stories they brought to the show.
  • This series totally deserves Season 3!


  • The story revolves around a group of high school students who are trying to solve the crime behind the death of one of their classmates.
  • It also depicts social differences between its students as well as other issues such as religion and gender identity crisis.
  • This show might be a little off from this list. I watched this because it was recommended to me by a friend. The plot is not really that good especially during the second season. It was predictable and a little bit dragging.
  • The strength of this show though comes from its cast and its breathtaking cinematography. The actors and actresses carried their characters so well that it will make you love or hate their roles.

Locke and Key

  • The story revolves around three siblings who uncovered the mystery behind the keys from their ancestors. After their father was killed, they moved in to their ancestral house and started to unravel magical powers from each of the keys they found in the Key House.
  • What I love in this movie is the concept and the powers of the keys. This is a family oriented movie and I felt like a kid being excited behind the powers of each keys.


  • The story is based on the ancient story of Merlin, a mage/warlcok, who guided King Arthur during his reign.
  • I’m getting excited about this series!!! I’m a huge fan of ancient magic and adventure type of genre. I’m so glad I stumble upon this series. Aside from that, it has 5 seasons. I’m pretty sure this will be an awesome experience for me.

If you happen to know a good series in Netflix please share it to me!

Have a good day!


  1. First of all, can I just say, I love Locke & Key! You might probably hate my taste but I will recommend it to you anyway: Anne with an E, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Umbrella Academy, The Good Place

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    1. I watched Umbrella Academy and A series of Unfortunate Events before. Those were worth watching. I’m into those kind of genre actually.

      I will give Anne with an E and The Good Place a shot soon after I’m done watching Merlin. I appreciate your suggestion a lot! 😎

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  2. Great list! Personally I love Umbrella Academy too. I think you’d like our app, Wiretap ( Its made for live-tweeting Netflix shows and growing your fan community.

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  3. Prison Break is such a good show, despite how factual it is in the real world. I loved how every episode always end in a cliffhanger. I remember watching that show with my cousins and my uncle. It was always a grand time. 🙂

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  4. I don’t know why people say that , show dipped after season 2. The plot was still good. Acting was awesome as always. It takes a lot to produce a character like “Theodore Bagwell” (Mind spell).
    Feel pity for those who fell for the wrong advise.
    Nice list though.

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