General Engineering Random Problems #4

1. An automobile uses 100 hp to move at a uniform speed of 60 mph. What is the thrust force provided by the engine?

A. 530 lbf

B. 625 lbf

C. 1100 lbf

D. 1800 lbf

2. A duck has a mass of 3 lbm and is flying due west at 15 ft/s. The duck is struck by a bullet with a mass of 0.05 lbm, which is moving due west at 1000 ft/s. The bullet comes to rest in the duck’s gizzard. What is the final velocity of the duck-bullet system in ft/s?

A. 1.6

B. 0.73

C. 0.52

D. 0.22

3. Compute the mass of the earth knowing that at its surface, 6370 km from the center, a 1-lb mass will be attracted by it with a force of 1 lb.

A. 13.1 E 24 lb

B. 13.1 E 25 lb

C. 10.8 E 24 lb

D. 10.8 E 25 lb

4. Which of the following sets of horizontal forces could leave an object in equilibrium?

A. 25, 50 and 100 N

B. 5,10, and 50 N

C. 8,16 and 32 N

D. 20,20 and 20 N

5. A circular level table 1.2 m in diameter and has a weight of 750 N is supported on three equally spaced vertical legs at A, B and C. Compute the reaction on leg at A if a vertical load of 900 N is placed at D which is 0.3 m from A towards the center of the table.

A. 400 N

B. 850 N

C. 1000 N

D. 910 N

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are just practice problems I randomly collected solely for review purposes only. This should not be substituted to textbooks. Please read and study your textbooks well.

Answers are found in the next page. For more word problems, study notes and tips, click here.

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