The Adventures of Merlin Series: Why I’m in love and annoyed at this show at the same time

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  • 65 Episodes (5 Seasons)
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  • Legend/Myth Adaptation

Note: May contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Magic and adventures genre are always at the top my bucket list whether its an anime or live action series. When Netflix recommended The adventures of Merlin in my feed, I didn’t miss the chance of watching it. It’s a timeless classic after all. I will always be excited!

Of course I would not miss the chance of writing my thoughts about it as well.

The show started off with a bomb of excitement. It’s a 2008 series but still the CGI and the production brought us the magical feelings that the audience would want. I mean just look at the eyes of Merlin.

Then I finished a season, then another one and then I started to feel a little off. I felt like the series is going in circles as if I’m watching Detective Conan. It follows a pattern: There will be a sorcerer or some sort of creature who will try to kill Uther or harm Arthur; then Merlin will do the dirty job; he will save the day; Arthur being at the front line will get the credits; Arthur will think that Merlin did nothing; Gaius and Merlin will have a funny moment (which I always love); then that’s it.

Alas, season 3 came in and I can’t stand it anymore. I was really that eager to watch the show to level up or something. So I Googled this:

Lol. I know it is somehow ridiculous to spoil yourself but I really can’t take it anymore. Unfortunately though, I did not get a proper answer and since I like the show that much I continued to watch it patiently. (Ugh, the things we do in the name of love)


The answer is on Season 5: Episode 13. Yes, it is sadly during its very last episode.

Screenshots from my Netflix App.

As much as I want to be piss off, again I can’t. Because I love the myth that much. Maybe I just anticipated for something different. Like eventually Arthur will finally discover Merlin’s power and they will grow into something more powerful. After all, Merlin is the greatest wizard of all time and Arthur is supposed to be the greatest king there is. I thought I will be able to watch them expand their influence and greatness to the whole Albion.

I’m still satisfied though every time Merlin shouted DRAGOOOOON! plus incantation then poof everything will be solved. Then Uther died, Morgana totally turned into an evil bit*h, then Athur’s round table knights got killed one by one. Poor Lancelot, I still ship him to Guinevere that much.

Also, speaking of Dragon……..


Seriously? Merlin dragged Arthur for days just to get him to Lake Avalon then at the very last moment, he just decided to called the Great Dragon for a ride. Lol! He might actually had the chance of saving the life of Arthur if he asked for the ride earlier.

Lastly, I will honestly miss The Adventure of Merlin and I am grateful to BBC for adapting this classical epic. I will miss the Arthur-Merlin banter; the funny moments with Gaius (I still have good memories about the Goblin episode); how annoying Uther and Morgana are; the cool round table knights; and slave-turned-Queen Guinevere.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


    1. I think it’s still worth watching tho this time. Myths always have this nostalgic feeling with them. It’s now available in Netflix.

      Huhu. Sorry if you have read this post it means that I exposed you to some major happenings of the series. 😦 I apologize.

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  1. Actually, it is ok! I’m thankful for those spoilers/snippets, Graymand; thank you. Now, that I know the ending and that it is available in Netflix, I’ll watch some episodes. And it seems it is following the typical Arthurian storytelling with some twist I presumed.👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a relief. ♥️. You’re welcome.
      They format it like a family TV show like DCs Legend of Tomorrow (with the humor and light plot) so I guess it won’t disappoint when it comes to entertainment.

      Thanks for reading my post. It means a lot. ♥️

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      1. Really, I’m following your post so I get to read your articles. I’m also happy that you are also a fan of Legends, and maybe all DC CW arrowverse. Katie Mcgrath is in supergirl.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you! I actually enabled the notification thing to your blog!

          Yeah I love superheroes. I’m not yet done with Arrow. I am planning to watch it yet tho because of the crossovers. Haha. And I’m yet to watch Super Girl.
          I watched a lot of Marvel Movies and Series tho.

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          1. Yep, I’m a fan of both line of superheroes, never missed a movie and some TV series. Now, it is my turn to give you a spoiler on arrow. Oliver became the…and during the Crisis on Infinite Earths he….and the end episode he and felicity met in…anyway, just watch it.

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  2. I just recently watched that show within the last three months. I hate that it got canceled and I hated the ending even more. The show was ended in modern times with no possibility of ever returning which really broke my heart. I never missed a season when it was still running and I have rewatched the series at least twice since it ended, that’s how much I loved Merlin and Arthur. I’m now reminded of how sad I am that it is gone forever… 😦

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    1. Same feeling Ms. chicky1969.
      I hate that ending especially knowing that it was aired during Christmas.
      I hope someone will produce it again with different turn out of events.
      But I will still love this show for sure ♥️


  3. This reminds me alot of my own feelings regarding “The Flash”. That show went in circles and the flash just had to keep going back and time like a fucking selfish child and ruin everything over and over and then not want to pay the consequences.

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  4. I love this show!!! My wife and I are on a Merlin marathon.

    I loved the characters of Merlin and Arthur. They really capture the young men bound for great things and afraid if they fail. The music really captivated the feelings of nobility and adventure. I always loved the idea of knight errants riding around on adventures as a boy. This show personified that for me.

    PS. Hated Morgana and how stupid Uther was.

    Thanks for the post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!
      Stories of travels and adventure, especially those with a touch of magic always catches my attention.

      I agree. They are the most annoying thing that happened in the show.

      Welcome. I’m adding you to my reading list now. Looking forward to your posts. 🙂

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