Sunday Reflection #4 – A tribute to Mama

Before this day ends, I would like to make this post a tribute to Mama. I miss her so much. I can easily cringe to sweet/cheesy things. But I would like everyone to know how much special you are to my life. (Wahhhhh I cannot Haha)

She is a very ‘hands on‘ Mom to her four children. Imagine working to help my Papa earn money BUT at the same time do most of the house chores; AND NEVER miss a school meeting or program of any of her four children. I can’t just imagine how powerful Moms can be.

She can be very clumsy and funny sometimes tho.

One time I forgot my phone at home then she was really worried about me for having no contact. So guess what she did. She texted my phone “Nak naiwan mo cp mo (Son, you forgot your phone).” Of course, she received the text by herself because she was holding my phone. HAHAHA. We still laugh at that memory until now.

Anyway, she always try her best to reach out to us, listen, understand, be a friend, while upholding the silver line in between that– being a parent. Thank you for all the efforts. I can only wish one thing for you – happiness.

Haha. Before I get really awkward, I will just keep this short. I will always love our casual long talks about funny and non-sense things. ILY. xD.



FEATURED Photo by Karolina Bobek ✌ on Unsplash


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Sunday Reflection #4 – A tribute to Mama


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