Nature shots

Just some of the photos of nature I collected from my archive.

I miss roaming around and taking a glimpse of the nature’s calmness.


Note: Tap the image for full screen view.


Featured Photo by Javier Cañada on Unsplash


  1. Good Lord, apart from the wonderful pictures you take, your place really is beautiful! That third picture is so aesthetically pleasing I can’t even tell you how lovely that looks

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  2. It’s looks like you’re an adventurer. Those photos keep energy of nature. I imagine how pleasant you when you taking that view. Euphoria ❤

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    1. I’m flattered by your comment Ariya. ♥️.
      Yeah I’m kind of an adventurer in my own way. True, the euphoria you feel while simply observing the things around while you’re in there is gold.

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