Rick Riordan Books in order – Book reading list recommendation

In case you missed it, I wrote some time ago about the announcement of Percy Jackson live-action series on Disney plus. I have decided to read it again some time soon and one of my struggles before is that sometimes I get confused about its sequence.

Here is a simple reading list of Rick Riordan’s books for those who want to read the books without the hassle of finding the right order.

I have arranged it based on mythological origin, except for Roman and Greek which is kind of mix in several books.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

1. The Lightning thief

2. The Sea of Monsters

3. The Titan’s Curse

4. The Battle of the Labyrinth

5. The Last Olympian

Extra Stories:

6. The Demigod Files

7. The Singer of Apollo

Companion Books:

  • Percy Jakson’s Greek Gods
  • Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes

The Heroes of Olympus

1. The Lost Hero

2. The Son of Neptune

3. The Mark of Athena

4. The House of Hades

5. The Blood of Olympus


6. The Demigod Diaries

Demigods and Magicians

This is a Greek x Egyptian mythology crossover. I suggest you to read the Krane Chronicles first before reading these stories.

1. The Son of Sobek

2. The Staff of Serapis

3. The Crown of Ptolemy

The Trials of Apollo

1. The Hidden Oracle

2. The Burning Maze

2. The Dark Prophecy

3. The Burning Maze

4. The Tyrants Tomb


The Krane Chronicles

1. The Red Pyramid

2. The Throne of Fire

3. The Serpent’s Shadow


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

1. The Sword of Summer

2. The Hammer of Thor

3. The Ship of the Dead


4. 9 From the Nine Worlds

Companion Book/s:

  • Hotel Valhalla: Guide to the Norse Worlds

I hope this list will help you enjoy the world of myths more.


Featured Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash


  1. Haha, I think I’ve read every book hear except for the last few books in The Trials of Apollo. What is your favorite Percy Jackson and the Olympians book?

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  2. I have read all these books they are really great. I also write book reviews please do check out my blog. My favorite book is The Book Thief. What is your favorite book? Visit my blog and answer in the comment section! I am a vivid reader and a speaker of French, Spanish, English and Hindi. I am waiting for your response!

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