It’s my study season

Hi! How’s everyone doing?

I just want to inform everyone that might stumble upon this post that for the next two weeks, I will be focusing on my studying. Lol. So what right? The thing is, my posts about study notes might pass by to your readers and I assure you I am not spamming.

You can just ignore those posts if it may become annoying, although, unfollowing or removing me from your reading list would definitely break my heart. </3

My upcoming plans:

  • I will just be using this blog as an archiving system so that my friends from the same program can easily access my files/notes thru this blog.
  • I will still post Sunday Reflection and Discover Monday blog posts tho.
  • I am currently reading a book and I am planning to write something as soon as I finished it.

Lastly I feel like I have to say this:

Don’t let the vast amount of negative energy today overwhelm you, channel it thru your creative outlets or something that can make you breath easier again. Mental health is as important as physical health. 🙂


Featured Photo by Matt Ragland on Unsplash

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