Few tips to all to all future DOST scholars

Few tips to all to all future DOST scholars:

1. Fill out all the forms neatly and make sure to fill all the blanks, kung hindi naman applicable, write N/A.

2. Pass all the necessary requirements before deadline (fairly simple).

3. Sa preperations for exam naman, may DOST PRIMER na binibigay (13 or more pages ata yun). Make sure na nabasa mo yun lahat kasi that would be the coverage na lalabas. That time yun lang kumbaga reviewer ko.

Nahanap ko siya now thru DOST website FREE and NOT FOR SALE.(HERE). Source: DOST. Para hindi na mahirap hanapin.

4. Run through your old notes. Pero huwag masyado pressured ha. Basic knowledge in Math, English and Science sapat na yun. Brain games apps pwede ka rin magtry kasi may brain teasers na parts yung exam. Check primer.

5. During exam, magdala na ng food pero wag yung pwede magcause ng mantsa. Chocolate may help your mood a bit but it can give you a mini heart attack kapag nadumihan yung papers mo. Please make sure na kumain ka before the exam tapos may tubig ka. Huwag lang inom ng inom kasi sayang time sa pag jingle.

6. Strictly follow protocols. Kapag sinabing stop, stop na. Make sure rin na you read every item carefully. On top of that, read and follow given directions strictly. Do your best na makasagot ng marami within the allotted time.

7. Pray hard and relax. Ginawa mo na yung best mo. Enough na yun. The results will not make you more or less of a person. Like all opportunities, it will come and go. Grab and grab and never surrender.

Sulit na sulit yung opportunities and benefits kaya TAKE NA!!!

God bless future DOST scholars. ♥️♥️♥️

by Graymand


DOST Primer link.



Also available thru Google Search. NOT FOR SALE. Kawanggawa lamang. *wink

Photo by DOST thru Google Images

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