I start switching to Tea as part of cleansing

Mama sent me a package last month with several items including face masks, hygiene essentials, and new set of underwear. Lol. There are also several packs of native herbal tea. She said those are good for relaxing and releasing body toxins.

Tea is not really my cup of tea. I grew up drinking coffee and if ever I want to relax, study or nothing, coffee is my go-to drink. Honestly, I don’t like how tea tastes like. But since I have a terrible sleeping problem, I am temporarily refraining myself from drinking coffee and switched to tea instead.

Since I can’t stand drinking it with just plain hot water, I tried it with lemon and sugar. It surprisingly change its taste and I started to like it a bit. It’s my third day of drinking now and here are few changes I noticed:

  • Warning: gross. I did ‘poo-poo‘ for annoyingly three times last day and twice the other day. I don’t know of its related tho. I don’t know if the drink upset my stomach or it was just simply flushing the toxins in my body as advertised. I’m really hoping it’s the latter.
  • Well, I slept two hours earlier than normal but I can’t say yet that I am having a good night sleep.
  • It’s true that it makes me relax.

I am yet to observe if tea will become a part of my lifestyle but considering its health benefits, I might just learn to love it.


Featured Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash


          1. Ngayon ko lang napansin na competitive ka pala… 😂😂😂

            Hindi ito isang kumpetisyon
            na magtatagisan ng galing
            ito’y pawang walang kabuluhan
            mga salitain ay umaalpas
            nais pumaimbabaw
            kanilang halaga
            makita at iguhit
            sa pinto ng pag-asa
            nang tarangkahan ay bumukas
            at ika’y masilayan


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  1. Hahahaha! Ako din, I started drinking tea recently because ang oily and fatty ng ulam namin 😂 Di kami masyado makabili ng gulay pangrekado kaya lagi prito or adobo; chicken or pork lang palitan 😭 Hahahaha TMI ✌️

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          1. Hahaha! Mas weird ka pala ✌️🤪 Rootbeer lasang toothpaste? Pero parang na-imagine ko nga bigla nung sinabi mo. Di din ako fan ng rootbeer 😬 Anyway, enjoy your new tea journey 🍵 Sana madali ka na makatulog.

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    1. Wow. I will definitely consider this. I am not really familiar with green tea but I think it is somehow similar with what I am doing now. I find it difficult to buy honey nowadays tho so I’m sticking with sugar for the meantime. Hehe.
      Thanks for your comment Uzzawal. 🙂

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  2. Love a good cup of tea! I have always found it so relaxing. And a secret that I use to make wonderful tea is to add a splash of vanilla extract. This only works for some tea though.

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