About Graymand

language of his soul,

garden and breath of fresh air,

a form of escape.

A piece of my Horcrux

Hi! Thank you for stopping by.

I’ve always been a lover of art and its forms. As a kid, I grew up fascinated by stories of magic and adventures – on how they are created by the imagination of someone who sees the world in a more colorful perspective.

From that, my interest in expressing my own thoughts arise. I’m writing in order to express; to give voice to the whispers of my soul; and to appreciate more the gift of life and the world. In this blog, I’m showcasing the things I see, the fun I had, and the tales of my own adventures.

Welcome to Graymand!

These are the things that can be found in my blog:

  • Poetry
  • Anime, movies and series
  • Travels
  • Photography
  • Personal takes on various topics
  • Maybe a little bit of my lifestyle
  • My study notes and some study notes
  • Personal developments and adulting life

This blog is a piece of my privacy that I want to share. Maybe I can meet people here who share the same interest. Maybe I may be able to make something positive to someone’s day. Who knows.

“With great power comes great need to take a nap.”

Rick Riordan

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