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Waiting game

If there is one thing this past year taught me, it is that patience is really a virtue. I took that photo sometime in December while I was traveling by the sea. It reflects both the calmness and uneasiness that I’m feeling these days. Quite the paradox right? I graduated my degree in 2019. It […]

three lighted candles and the same coffee

A gloomy rainy day is not a cheerful way of greeting my 2.3 decades on earth. But apparently, the monotonous sound of raindrops and the gray to dark surrounding neutralized my uneasy mood. I feel strangely calm. I actually like this feeling. So far, I am still an accumulation of cosmos aimlessly wandering this part […]


cheers to the battles I fight alone to the struggles that no one knows you are doing good, self all is well

Happy 21st Birthday Jun!

We both cringe at affections weaved into words but then again, 21 is special and most things in this trying times are technically virtual. So here are some cringe-worthy thoughts that connect us (or not?) as sibs: I like the first picture, that’s Mama pinching her way to us in front of the cam, “Ismayl […]


There are several things I want to clarify based on the few questions I received from several concerned friends. On top of that, I am grateful for showing your concern and support.

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