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Waiting game

If there is one thing this past year taught me, it is that patience is really a virtue. I took that photo sometime in December while I was traveling by the sea. It reflects both the calmness and uneasiness that I’m feeling these days. Quite the paradox right? I graduated my degree in 2019. It […]

a li’l bit goodbye

I’m dedicating this poem to a good friend who peacefully leave a year ago. I hope you are okay wherever you are. We will never forget you. You will live forever in our hearts.

Dear astronaut

Two days ago, I witnessed the live coverage of NASA’s space launch in partnership with SpaceX it was such a nostalgic experience bringing back my childhood dream.

a tune of my karma

a tune of my karma
“They say that happy are those who can find contentment and love behind imperfections.”

Nature shots

Nature shots
I miss roaming around and taking a glimpse of the nature’s calmness.

rains and smiles

“I always ask myself why being a part of this before or just simply watching them now can both bring happiness – maybe its the purity of the smiles.”

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

Today until Saturday, I will be posting all the nominations and awards I received. I haven’t noticed that I already have FIVE.
Thank you so much!

flowing waters

In this world where everything seems to be uncertain, I chose to adapt and make the best solution within my grasp…


Let go of the self-limiting beliefs and be confident. Because everything you think, you are capable. Love yourself. The idea that delimits your self-worth are lies you’ve been told to keep you from being afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. Mind you, if you start ‘loving you’, every concept of you and the person you love will become a reality. Because you know what to offer. Because you know your worth.

Discover Monday 1 – My Top 10 Bloggers of the week

Discover Monday 1 – My Top 10 Bloggers of the week
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Originally posted on intotheindigo:
Why am I willing to Give pieces of myself To heal those Who will step on me To rise higher? Who will use me Until they wring Me dry And tell me I wasn’t good enough anyway.

hormones and trigger

hormones and trigger
“If you only have the slightest idea on how you affect me from my outside world to the innermost part of me.”

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